The ongoing miniaturization in semiconductor technology increases the demand for precise information on the structural and compositional quality of low-dimensional systems and nanomaterial-based devices.

The mission of this Core Research Area is the development and combination of sophisticated experimental and theoretical tools for materials analysis on the nanometer scale. For this purpose, highly-developed synchrotron X-ray diffraction experiments are carried out to investigate surfaces and interfaces of epitaxial layers and three-dimensional nanostructures during growth and under tailored conditions. Various advanced electron microscopy including imaging, diffraction and spectroscopy techniques with high spatial resolution are used complementary to investigate the structural, opto-electronic and mechanical properties of the as-grown materials. Low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy is applied to build and analyze individual artificial nanostructures.

The research addresses the following main topics:

  • Interfaces in hetero-structures and nano-systems
  • Order-disorder phenomena and phase transitions
  • Real structure and mechanical properties of metastable and nanostructured systems
  • Manipulation and spectroscopy of materials at the single-atom scale
Dr. Achim Trampert
+49 30 20377-280