Technology and Transfer

Research activities at PDI rely on a support infrastructure that ranges from services such as building management, appliances, utilities management and the machine shop over cleanroom operation and semiconductor technology to administration of human resources, and finances, to transfer of know-how and intellectual property. This wide range of activities is located in the department of technology and transfer, and can be divided into four main sections.

Semiconductor technology

Most materials that are grown at the institute need further processing for subsequent scientific investigations. Our technologists provide lateral structuring on sub-micrometer scales and processes like metallization and contacting, cutting of wafers, prepatterning, cleaning and electrical characterization of processed structures. Additionally, we operate a clean-room for lithographic processing, etching, sputtering, thermal evaporation, and nanoimprint technologies.

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Knowledge and technology transfer activities at PDI strive to connect the research generated at the institute with the outside world – the industry, the general public, and the academic world. For PDI, knowledge and technology transfer is an interfacing activity and we are constantly developing appropriate tools to serve that purpose.


The institute is member of the Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. which serves as the central administration for eight institutes. To quickly respond to the needs of the scientific strategy of the institute, important administrative tasks are performed with the small and highly efficient local administration.

Utilities management

The department coordinates the special infrastructural needs of a materials science institute, such as supply of technical gases, electricity, data- and communication infrastructure, operation of clean-rooms and chemistry labs and air-conditioning as well as cooling systems of the research laboratories.

Dr. Carsten Hucho
Head of Department
+49 30 20377-234